'Capturing Emotional Resonance Through Artistry'

'Capturing Emotional Resonance Through Artistry'

To love and to be loved is one of life's most beautiful adventures. To join your partner in the journey and commitment of marriage is an absolute blessing.

Emani Photography will ensure that your wedding day will not be a faint memory but will be captured in such a way that you relive the event and emotions with just a glance of the photos. I am ready to meet all your photography needs for the special day.

Have a look through my information guide and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

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Experience Fine Art Wedding Stories

"In the gallery of life, every soul deserves to be nestled within the frames of moments bathed in the graceful glow of profound love and tender care."

Your Storyteller...

"Photography breathes life into my very existence, a passionate symphony where happiness and love dance in vivid hues. My creativity and artistic spirit find their zenith when entwined with the tales of couples crafting their own love story. The profound satisfaction enveloping me stems from the awareness that I am sculpting something enduring, a legacy for generations—a mosaic of moments destined to be cradled in the embrace of time. These are not mere photographs; they are heartbeats captured, woven into the fabric of memories to be cherished and treasured. I derive immense joy in the knowledge that these visual poems will serve as a source of inspiration, invoking happiness, motivation, and an enduring connection when revisited through the tapestry of time."

'Forever In Focus Through My Lens'


  • Bridal Prep. Coverage of details and prep-shots for Bride

  • Ceremony Coverage

  • Family & Group Portrait

  • Bride & Groom Portrait

  • High-End Images with Fine Art Edits

  • Secure Online Download Gallery




4 Hour Coverage

1 Photographer

Pre-Ceremony Bridal Preparation

Apx. 250 edited high-res images

(Photographer’s Pick)

*Does not include Reception coverage

Price does not include travel and accommodation

Price does not include vendor fee



8 Hour Coverage

2 Photographers

Bride & Groom Preparation


All useable edited high res images

(Photographer’s Pick)

Complimentary Aerial Photo

*Weather & Location Permitting)

Price does not include travel and accommodation

Price does not include vendor Fee


My premium wedding package promises a meticulously tailored experience, providing comprehensive and personalized photography services designed to cater to a variety of cultural weddings, including Indian ceremonies and others. that your wedding day is a unique and once-in-a-lifetime occasion, my goal is to flawlessly capture every moment, reflecting the richness of your cultural traditions.

The extended coverage, spanning across 2-3 days, is flexible and adjustable to accommodate all your diverse ceremonies and customs, allowing room for cultural rituals. This versatile option is carefully crafted to go beyond merely capturing the wedding day itself. I am devoted to artistically documenting every significant moment—ranging from the anticipation of preparations and detailed shots to the heartfelt ceremony, family group portraits, intimate couple sessions, and the lively reception.

Whether it involves the vibrant and elaborate rituals of an Indian wedding or the distinctive traditions of other cultural ceremonies, my photography endeavors to encapsulate the essence of each event. The collection goes beyond mere documentation of events; it captures the emotions, laughter, and love shared during this special time, weaving a visual narrative to be cherished for a lifetime, regardless of the cultural background of your celebration.

Pre and post wedding events

Pre and post wedding events that will take place on different days such as Mehndi/Henna, Sangeet, and Haldi Ceremonies.

There is a 2 hour Minimum per event.

Capture the vibrant traditions and joyous celebrations surrounding our wedding with pre and post-wedding events like the colourful Mehndi/Henna ceremony, the lively Sangeet night filled with music and dance, and the auspicious Haldi ceremony. Each event requires a minimum of 2 hours to ensure we capture every special moment in detail.

Emani Exclusive


14 Hours  Coverage

2 Photographers

*apply only  on the wedding day (8 hours)

Bride & Groom Preparation



All useable edited  high res images

(Photographer’s Pick)

Secure Online Download Gallery

Complimentary Aerial Photo

*Weather & Location Permitting)

Price does not include travel and  accommodation

Price does not include  vendor Fee


Looking for a more personalized touch beyond my standard packages? Explore my add-on options for a customized experience that perfectly aligns with your unique preferences and requirements.



Pre or Post-Wedding Photoshoot: 750 

This 2-hour photoshoot is an excellent option for couples who want an engagement shoot, rehearsal dinner coverage, welcome party documentation, and more.

Additional Coverage Per Hour:

Pre-Selected- 350

Day of - 500

Drone/Aerial Coverage: 250

*Weather & Location Permitting

Custom Balloon Decor: Beyond Luxe Decor & Rental.

Elevate the ambiance of your wedding rehearsal dinner, bridal suite, welcome dinner, or cocktail event with bespoke balloon decor. Reach out to us for additional details to bring your vision to life.


USB Wood Slide Photo Box: 500

Receive 50 printed 4x6 photographs, bringing your cherished moments to life with our high-end retouching services applied to selected images. All these stunning memories will be presented on a USB flash drive, ensuring you have both a tangible and digital keepsake of your special moments


Our canvas comes ready to hang on your 

walls with a sawtooth on the back.


Your photographs deserve to be displayed in their full glory. 

High-End Retouch To Selected Images

Framed Print Size: 11x14


If you’re ready for a statement piece. 


  • 10x10 Hard Cover Photo-book: 750 
  • 12x12 Hard Cover Album: 1000 

Cherish the moments from your special day with our extraordinary photo albums. Choose the 10x10 hardcover book, thoughtfully designed with 20 pages, or indulge in the 12x12 album, boasting an impressive 50 pages. Each album is a testament to premium, handcrafted elegance, ensuring your cherished memories endure for generations to come.

Terms and Conditions

My commitment to delivering exceptional service is grounded in the value I place in understanding my clients' unique needs.

To ensure a comprehensive grasp of your requirements and preferences, I highly recommend a face-to-face consultation.

This personal interaction enables me to tailor my services precisely to your specifications and guarantees complete satisfaction.

Should an in-person meeting be impractical, I offer the flexibility to conduct consultations via telephone, FaceTime or WhatsApp video calling.

Please feel free to contact me at 876 372-8526 to schedule a convenient time for your consultation.


To secure your booking, a non-refundable deposit of 40% is required.

Full payment must be settled before or on the wedding day.

Any necessary changes to the booking details should be communicated in writing at least two weeks prior to the scheduled wedding date.

Your cooperation in adhering to these terms ensures a seamless and successful collaboration.